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Embrace Discomfort

It has been a little over a month since the doors opened at B.I.O. CrossFit and in that time I have heard countless reasons why people have not started started CrossFit before now. The number one reason has been simple “I’m scared”, and believe me I understand!...

Core Workouts of the Week

Starting this Sunday 1/13, BIO CrossFit will be bringing you the “Core Workout of the Week”. The core workout of the week will be accompanied by a video explaining each movement. The core workouts will take no longer than 15 minutes and can be done almost anywhere....

Last Day extended….

The Final day for when you can sign up for B.I.O. CrossFits Fundamentals course for FREE has been extended until the end of January due to the holiday season! Don’t delay any longer and come be apart of a great community of CrossFitters!

Goals for 2013!

With 2012 coming to an end we have another opportunity to set goals for our future. But, at BIO CrossFit we are going to handle what we do with these goals a little differently. We are going to post them for all to see on a “Goals Board”, the only thing different...

Tomorrow is Opening day!

After many months of waiting tomorrow December 4th will be the Grand Opening!! So that means that you will have until January 3rd to take advantage of the Free Fundamentals course! So come in during any class and sign up to be a part of BIO CrossFit! Class Times are as follows:...

Keep an eye out

Make sure to keep an eye on the website this week. We should be announcing any day now when opening day should be!!

New Friend of B.I.O. CrossFit added!

Everyone check out our new friend Rogue Fitness. They are responsible for all the amazing equipment that we will be using for a long time. Check out who they are!


Today starting at 3 p.m. B.I.O. CrossFit will be having pre-registration until 6:30 p.m. Please stop by and check out the progress as well as have any of your questions answered. We will be having one more day of pre-registration on Monday 11/12, Remember, if you sign up within...

Pre- Registration

Just a friendly reminder that today starting at 3 p.m. we will be having pre-registration for B.I.O. CrossFit until 6:30 p.m. Swing buy with any questions or if you just want to check the place out. Doors are open to anyone!