9305 Kings Hwy
King George, Virginia
(540) 315-1246

1623 Princess Anne,
Fredericksburg VA
(540) 315.1246

BIO CrossFit, King George VA

BIO CrossFit's Motto

There is no excuse for cutting corners to reaching your goals, we will always hit every workout with full range of motion and perfect form. Each workout will be constantly varying to increase work capacity across broad time & modal domains. This is the fundamentals of CrossFit and forging elite fitness, which BIO will never deviate from.

BIO CrossFit, our first location based out of King Geore VA has an amazing community where we believe that to be able to reach any sort of fitness goal you first need to obtain the ability to use your body properly. That means if you are brand new to CrossFit you will do each work with little or no added weight besides your own body. We coach with this standard so as to ease you into CrossFit and make you stronger as a whole. When you prove that you can handle your body properly we add resistance to your ability.

CrossFit isn't something you should be scared to do, but something you should be excited to be a part of!