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Tuesday – 9/15

1. Strength Front Squat + Push Press + Split Jerk a. Work up to a heavy single of the above complex b. Then perform 3×2@85-95% of the above complex without the push press (Front Squat + Split Jerk) One rep is one front squat into push press into split jerk.  The doubles will...

Monday – 9/14

1. Strength Deadlift – No Bounce! 1×5@5 to 10 pounds above test week Again, this is a controlled effort so don’t use momentum to help with the set.  Drive with the legs and maintain control throughout the lift (including the last rep returning it to the ground)...

Sunday – 9/13

Rest Day!    Get out of the gym and enjoy this awesome weather!

Saturday – 9/12

Come and get a workout in on David’s second-to-last Saturday!  Or just say, “hi!”  The more people, the merrier and funner (funner?) time will be had by all!

Friday – 9/11- A Day That will live in Infamy!

Take a moment to think of the over 2 thousand people who lost their lives on this day 14 years ago… 1. Strength Turkish Get-up Work up to a heavy single ON EACH SIDE This shouldn’t take longer than 15 minutes.   2. MetCon 21 – 15 – 9 Pull-ups Burpees...

Thursday – 9/10

OPEN GYM!  Come in with an idea of what you want to work on and/or see the below for suggested work! Yoga @ 5PM for $5.  There will not be regular class offered at this time (nor will there be other Open Gym-ing =) ).  Show up and get bendy!  Wait…   1. Strength Option...

Wednesday – 9/9

1. Strength 5 x Max Effort Push-ups Try and beat at least 2 of your sets from the last time we did this (Tuesday 8/4/2015). This can be in either number (reps performed) or overall technique (if you dolphin’d them last time but do strict this time instead).  Dig deep and...

Tuesday – 9/8

1. Strength Squat Clean 10 min EMOM – 2@70-80% If you’re relatively new to squat cleans, I would like for you to front squat instead. The rest of the minute can be spent practicing clean technique-work.  If you’re feeling particularly feisty, jerk the last rep...

Monday – 9/7

Happy Labor Day! Do something laborious.  Or, I guess…non-laborious?  Whatever people do on Labor Day–do it!!   1. Strength Deadlift – No bounce! 1×5@90% of last week’s 5RM This deadlift work is designed to help everyone understand how to utilize...

Labor Day Hours

Monday BIO will have group classes at 9 and 10 in the AM.  Everyone enjoy your time off!