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King George, Virginia
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1623 Princess Anne,
Fredericksburg VA
(540) 315.1246

Thursday 5/28 Open Gym/ Saturday Class will be at West.

Come in and make up a workout you may have missed or any mobility you need to work on! Also This Saturdays class will take place at BIO West at 10am. We apologize for any inconvenience. After the workout you can head on over to CrossFit Forward and watch Joe and Mia compete in...

Wednesday 5/27

Strength Back Squat 1×4@ 55% 1×3@65% 4×3@85% Metcon 3 Min AMRAP 15 Push Press 95/65 15 Push Press 105/75 AMRAP Push Press 115/85 1 Min Rest B.3 Min AMRAP of Front Squats: 50 reps at 95/65 50 reps at 105/75 AMRAP at 115/85 1 min Rest C. 3 Min AMRAP of Power Cleans:...

Tuesday 5/26- Run Fit will be at 4pm This week!

Skill/Strength 400m Run For Time THEN Strict Press 5×1 Metcon “Christine” 3 RFT: Row 500m 12 Deadlift, bodyweight 21 Box Jumps, 20″

Monday Classes Cancelled- OPEN GYM from 9am-11am!

Great Job to everyone who Completed “Murph” Yesterday we had a great showing and everyone did AWESOME! We will be cancelling our normal classes for the Holiday tomorrow. BUT we will be having Open Gym hours from 9am-11am for anyone who wants to get a lift in or a...

Saturday 5/23 Class will be held at BIO WEST!

CLOSED FOR THE DAY- At BIO WEST Performing “Murph” at BIO West- 1623 Princess Anne St. Fredericksburg 22401. Doors open at 7am, if you wont be performing the workout come in and cheer everyone on! Hope to see everyone there!  

Friday 5/22 REMINDER: Saturday class will be held at BIO West at 7am!

Memorial Murph will be held here this Saturday 7am at BIO West! There will be scaled options for every level!Come cheer everyone completing this tough benchmark! Strength Back Squat 1×4 @ 50% Back Squat 4×3 @ 60% Metcon “Randy” For Time: 75 Power Snatches,...

Thursday 5/21 OPEN GYM- Challenge

Come in and make up any workout you may have missed or work on some mobility….. MOBILITY CHALLENGE OF THE DAY Come in and complete 2 days of the MOBILITYWOD 14 day mobility challenge!

Wednesday 5/20

Strength Back Squat 1×3 55% 1×3 65% 6×5 80% Metcon 10 Min EMOM Odd- 15 Cal Row Even- 2 Burpees 10 Push Ups

Tuesday 5/19

Skill Work Handstand Push Ups -15 Min of work- Do a descending ascending ladder with strict HSPU 4 Mats-5 push ups/ 3 mats 4 push ups/ 2 mats 3 push ups/ 1 mat 2 push ups/ 0 mats 1 push up If you get stuck at one of the stations go back up the ladder/ 3 rounds METCON A. AMRAP 3:...

Monday 5/18

Strength Back Squat (1×4-52.5%) Back Squat (3×5 80%) Metcon For Time! 20 Wall Balls, 20/14 200 Meter Run 15 Clean an Jerk, 135/95 400 Meter Run 15 Clean and Jerk, 135/95 200 Meter Run 20 Wall Balls, 20/14 Announcement: This Saturday @ BIO CrossFit West we will be...