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Labor Day Hours

Monday BIO will have group classes at 9 and 10 in the AM.  Everyone enjoy your time off!

Sunday – 9/6

Rest day!  Get out of the gym! (Moving around/doing mobility would never go amiss, though 😉 )

Saturday – 9/5

This morning was pressing-intensive at BIO!  If you’re doing your own thing but following along with the rest of the week, give your legs a little bit of a break today and hit some upper body pulling/pressing.  Or, follow the below that some of our ladies did this AM....

Friday – 9/4

1. Strength/Skill Work Ring Dips a. 10 minutes to work on different variations/skill levels (static hold, strict, kipping, banded, negatives, ring pushups) b. followed by E2MOM for 10 minutes of: 5 Ring Dips (or some variation you work out with whomever is coaching)   2....

Thursday – 9/3

OPEN GYM!!  WOOT WOOT!!   1. Strength Front Squat – 3 Position + Pause 5 Rounds, ascending Un-rack the weight, descend to 1/4 squat and pause for 3 seconds, continue down to just above parallel and pause for 3 seconds, continue down to rock bottom (or as low as you can...

Wednesday – 9/2 Happy Birthday Coach Debi!!

1. Strength Back Squat 5 – 5 – 5 – 5 – 5, Ascending. Start first set at 70%. If you do not have a 1RM, use a relatively moderate weight for your first set of 5.   2. MetCon 800m Run 40 Alternating Lunges 600m Run 30 Sit-ups 400m Run 20 Push-ups 200m...

Tuesday – 9/1

1. Strength Push Press a. Quickly work up to a Heavy Single b. 2×[email protected]% of today’s Heavy Single   2. MetCon 3 Rounds for time of 15 Lateral Burpee Bar Hops 15 Power Snatch, 95/65   3. Extra Credit a. Accessory Circuit (not for time, but quickly move between...

Monday – 8/31

THANK GOODNESS IT’S MONDAY! TGIM, BABY!   1. Strength Deadlift 5RM, *no bounce *Set-up, pull slack out of the bar, explode through the up portion, lock out, control the down portion, touch weights to ground WITHOUT BOUNCING off the floor. Aka no momentum. During this...

Friday – 8/28

1. Skill Work Gymnastics Skill Work – 20 minutes   2. MetCon “Cindy” 20 min AMRAP 5 Pull-ups 10 Pushups 15 Air squats   3. Extra Credit a. 10 min walk/jog/row/bike flush at conversation pace b. Extra mobility for quads, forearms, pecs, lats (main...

Thursday – 8/27

1. Strength Front Squats Bottom-up front squats 5 – 3 – 2 – 2 – 1 – 1 – 1 – 1 These will take some practice/playing around with box+weight height to get correct.  You should ideally be starting about parallel or a little lower, but...