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October 02, 2015
How long have you been doing CrossFit?
I went about 3-4 times between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, but didn’t start coming regularly until January of this year (’15).
What got you into CrossFit?
My husband bought me a punch card.  I didn’t want to go – it seemed intimidating –  but I decided to at least use the 10 classes.   Why did I decide to stay?  Because I quickly started seeing results.  I have exercised on and off my whole life and have probably tried everything … running, walking, swimming, bikes, classes at the gym.  After a couple of months, I would get bored or give up and quit.  I have never had the results that I’ve had with CrossFit.  The workouts are scaled — everyone is doing the same thing, but at a level that is right for them.  I could see myself improving … adding more weights, getting through the workouts more quickly, etc.  Seeing improvement motivated me to keep doing more.  I also love that the workouts are planned – I like not having to think about what I need to work on next.  And they are varied enough that I don’t get bored.
What is your Favorite part about CrossFit at West?
Definitely the community!  The coaches and members are definitely what make it fun!  Everyone is so supportive and encouraging.  It is competitive enough to push me to do my best, without it being a competition to see who is the best.  I have never liked working out in a group, but this is different.
What is your Least Favorite Movement?
In the beginning I dreaded burpees, box jumps, and wall balls, but now none of that seems too bad.  There are movements that are hard and definitely work, but I have never done anything that I felt was impossible.   I don’t really like to run, but I am trying to get over that!
What is your current goal for yourself with CrossFit?
To keep doing it!  That is my only goal.  I do CrossFit to stay healthy.  I am over 40 — I want to be active for a long, long time.


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